Alta Energy’s approach to solar decision-making and procurement is uniquely suited to address the complex challenges faced by owners of multiple large-footprint commercial buildings in multiple regions. They need to know: Is this the right time to install solar on any of the properties in my portfolio? How will I know when – and if – any of these potential solar projects make economic sense? How do I sort through all the choices and alternatives associated with each project to create a plan that will meet our requirements?

Alta Energy cuts through the morass of data and choices: geo-specific data, solar technologies, financing structures, incentives, property-specific data, implementation options and vendor alternatives. We present every property’s solar prospects in a single, consistent, objective framework and monitor the whole portfolio over time against the client’s “go/no go” criteria. Property owners can be sure they are maximizing the value of their rooftop and other real estate assets through economically sound solar projects — and securing a long-term source of affordable, renewable energy.

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