The falling cost of solar panels has improved the economics of solar energy for commercial properties, but that doesn’t necessarily mean solar makes economic sense on every property. We at Alta Energy recognize the challenges that commercial property owners (and long-term lessors) face when trying to make a whole host of highly complex decisions for each potential solar project in their portfolio, and trying to compare the potential economic returns from one project to the next.


Alta Energy has just released a new report, “Making the Business Case for Solar,” which provides a clear five-step process for commercial property owners to make sound, timely decisions about potential solar projects. It lays out a roadmap through the maze and provides guidelines for avoiding some major hazards along the way.


The white paper includes a detailed description of the factors that a comprehensive analytical model should contain in order to identify the properties where a solar system makes economic sense. It also includes a sample presentation that internal staff can utilize to educate company decision-makers and gain timely approval for cost-effective solar projects.


Our fundamental goal is to empower commercial property owners and long-term lessors to identify cost-effective solar projects and complete them at the right time, with the right vendors, on the best possible terms.


Download “Making the Business Case for Solar” from Alta Energy.


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