NEM 2.0 Is Now in Effect for PG&E as Well as SDG&E Utility Customers – Here Are the Effects on Commercial Solar Economics in California

Earlier in the year, we reported on changes to California’s “Net Energy Metering”, or NEM, regulations that are now beginning to take effect. PG&E reported yesterday that the cap for NEM 1.0 had finally been reached – only days from the date we predicted in our earlier blog post. NEM is a policy that allows […]

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PG&E’s Expiring Net Metering 1.0 Program and What It Means for C&I Solar

Alta Energy continuously monitors a variety of renewable energy and utility policies across the U.S., with a particular focus on net energy metering programs such as those administered by the California investor-owned utilities (PG&E, SCE and SDG&E). Net energy metering, or NEM, is a regulatory structure that allows utility customers with eligible renewable energy systems […]

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Reaching 2020 – Challenges in Renewable Energy Procurement and How to Meet Corporate Sustainability Goals

Renewable energy procurement is now a key aspect of any corporate strategy. Rapidly improving economics mean that to not at least consider a renewable energy strategy is akin to leaving money on the table. The economic case for clean energy is reinforced by the risks of inaction in a social environment where engaged consumers demand […]

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The Sun Also Rises: The Solar Investment Tax Credit Extension And New Opportunities To Profitably Deploy Solar

  Now that Congress has extended the Investment Tax Credit (“ITC”) for five more years, new profitable opportunities to deploy solar have opened up for companies and real estate owners. Solar energy — deployed at the right locations, in the right way — makes solid economic sense. Will you reap the benefits: financial, sustainability, brand […]

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GreenBiz Forum Reveals Strong Commitment to Solar and Other Renewable Energy with Brighter Economics

Alta Energy recently exhibited at the GreenBiz Forum 16 in Scottsdale, AZ, February 23 – 25 2016. The perfect weather and inspirational surroundings were nearly ignored by the 700+ passionate attendees who were eager to come together, share stories and support each other on their current and future endeavors. Attendees included a mix of well-known […]

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NEMA- The Best Thing To Happen To Your Farm In Decades

It turns out if you devote a small percentage of your farm to solar, you can generate substantial savings on a per acre basis. Despite the tens of thousands in electricity savings that can be acquired from on-site solar generation, utility policies have plagued farmers from doing so, until the introduction of NEMA. No, it’s […]

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California Net Metering’s New Alternatives: Now You Can Mix and Match

By Cynthia Clark, Alta Energy – Director of Energy Market Operations The Net Energy Metering (“NEM”) methodology has proven to be a very effective way of facilitating distributed solar generation. NEM compensates solar system owners, in both commercial and residential sectors, at retail electricity rates for the power they produce while allowing them to retain […]

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Key Considerations for a Successful Solar Project

After a commercial and industrial (C&I) property owner has made the investment decision to deploy solar on their property based on an objective analysis of the opportunity, the next step will be to carefully plan for a successful solar project deployment. A successful solar project, like any complex project, depends upon several fundamental factors: assessment, […]

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